About Us

We are a group of players from the DACH region, who have come together to play Elite: Dangerous.

As a player group, we offer our newcomers:

  • a relaxed, non-binding and friendly gaming environment
  • an active and helpful community on PS4 and PC
  • profound knowledge in the fields of
    • BGS
    • Powerplay
    • Ship Fitting
    • Engineering (Horizons DLC)
    • Lore
      • Elite:Dangerous
      • Thargoids
      • Guardians
  • the opportunity to become part of an in-game superpower
  • a well-organized and active Discord Server with more than 150 CMDRs who will be happy to help and advise you if you do not know what to do next.

We are an alliance faction

The Alliance rose to defend independent worlds from the relentless exploitation of the Federation and Empire. It is the newest of the great powers, but dig deep and you will find that its roots are ancient indeed. Large sections of the galaxy were once under the sway of a tiny handful of worlds in the Galactic Cooperative. Gal Cop is long gone, but its ancient founder planets of Lave, Leesti, Zaonce and other Old Worlds have an important story to tell. It is a tale that the Empire and Federation would do well to hear…

Alliance and Old Worlds Sourcebook, EDRPG

Andromeda Corporation

Andromeda Corporation is the name of our in-game minor faction, you encounter it in many systems around BD+56 1773. In every system in which we are present, you will meet us at each station and you can do various commissions for us there.

With each mission that you accept and finish successfully, you generate influence for our faction and your reputation increases.
Detailed instructions on how this works can be found here: English version of How to BGS in progress.

We ask all newcomers to refrain from independently and uncontrollably accept missions in our systems!

The BGS is a game mechanic that can only be effectively tackled in a team and requires a certain degree of coordination. Once a day there is a BGS evaluation, in this evaluation the past day is recapitulated and new goals and tasks are defined for the next tick. Only the members of the Andromeda Corporation have access to this evaluation.


Our headquarters are in BD+56 1773 at the station Bertin City. There, on 29.10.3304, we started our research activities under the name Andromeda Corporation.

Discord Server

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.

This is where most of our communication takes place, serving as an interface between PC and console, connecting us with many other groups of players.

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